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Boarding School Admissions

A good boarding school can provide the perfect environment for students to excel academically and develop independence skills.

Boarding school admissions services

Boarding schools, also known as college prep schools, have proven to be the perfect spring board for high school students to get access to top tier university.
The US, UK and Canada is home to most of the best boarding schools in the world. Needless to say, the admissions processes can be complicated and challenging.
Scholars Insider's consulting experts have the experience studying in a boarding school and helped students secure offers to many quality boarding schools in the US, UK and Canada. Our admissions services as listed below can help our students standout amongst the pool of applicants:

School Selection

Finding the right schools will always be the first thing to do and we will guide you through it.

Application Support

Timing is key in application writing and our team will make sure you follow the schedule and dont miss a deadline.

Portfolio Building

Our expert team will guide you to build an exceptional profile to stand out amongst other candidates.

Essay Writing

From brainstorming content to structuring your essay, our team of writing specialist will assist you from start to finish.

Interview Prep

If your school require, we provide mock interview trainings and interview drills to help you gain success.

Course Selection

Picking the right courses during high school can help improve your chances in getting into top tier universities.

UK Boarding School Services

The admissions criteria for UK boarding schools are relatively straight forward compared to the US boarding schools. UK schools weight heavily on the candidates' results of entrance exams, interviews and academic achievements.
Therefore, our admissions strategy will focus primarily on entrance exam preparation and interview training.

Entrance Exam Preparation

UK boarding schools often request students to take Ukiset or CEE. Our consulting experts can help maximize your results.

Interview Prep

Admissions Interview is a key component of the admissions process. It is essential to learn from our experienced consultants.

Academic Support

UK boarding schools require academic excellence from applicants. We will monitor your academic performance for you.

Received offers from UK schools
Admitted to their top choice schools
Received offers from top schools

Popular UK school choice:

  • Badminton School
  • Benenden School
  • Charterhouse School
  • Concord College
  • Sevenoaks School
  • Tonbridge School
  • Winchester College
  • Wycombe Abbey School

US/Canada Boarding School Services

Similarly to US universities, US boarding schools often look for “THE BEST FIT”. Schools want to make sure the student can tie into the culture of the school, fit in well and excel. Therefore, students often have to showcase more than just academic excellence on their application.

SSAT Preparation

Students must take the SSAT when applying for US/Canada boarding schools. Our experienced mentors can provide the right guidance.

SAO/Gateway Application

SAO/Gateway are two application portals for US boarding schools and we will help you craft your application perfectly.

Portfolio Building

US boarding schools don't just look into grades, applicants should have a well-rounded portfolio to complement academic results.

Received offers from US schools
Admitted to their top choice schools
Received offers from top schools

Popular US school choice:

  • Blair Academy
  • Brewster Academy
  • Pomfret School
  • Brooks School
  • Cushing Academy
  • Deerfield Academy
  • Trinity Pawling School
  • Westminster School
  • Williston Northampton School

Popular Canada school choice:

  • Appleby College (CA)
  • Bishop Strachan School (CA)
  • Branksome Hall (CA)
  • Havergal College (CA)
  • Ridley College (CA)
  • Pickering College (CA)
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