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Scholars Insider believes every student deserves the best education. Our goal is to guide you through the education system and help you be the best you can be! Founded by a team of passionate scholars, we will support you from kindergarten all the way to university.

Meet Your Advisors

Our advisors studied in the US, UK, Canada and Hong Kong. They all have relevant experience to assist you at all times.

Julianna Yau

Academic Advisor

9 years of UK admissions consulting experience | University of Cambridge BA | Badminton School

Kyle Yeung

Academic Advisor

3 years of US admissions consulting experience | HKUST MBA | Bentley University | Cushing Academy

Meet our Advisory Board

Danny Wang

University of Cambridge Land Economy Masters and BA

Sheng Kung Hui Tang Shiu Kin Secondary School

Kelvin Siu

University of Cambridge Mathematics BA

Winchester College UK

Our Identity

Education establishes the foundation for ones growth. Our pool of passionate and professional consultants aim to assist global students finding the education they deserve.

Our Vision

To create a better world through inspiring and cultivating young talents.

Our Mission Statement

Guide global students to better education through bespoke admissions services.

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